Tick Tock

I now have all this time looming over me.
Free evenings. Weekends for planning and using.

Seriously...I can't use it all up and I have no desire to waste it anymore. After a few days of vegging out, the tides will turn and I will want to do things. Not watching films or videos...but *doing* things. This weekend is thanksgiving, and next weekend my parents are coming to visit...but in between and after? So much time!
What to do?

I want to set up the living room for *real* (not just set things along the walls), trim back the plants and put things (eep) back on the walls.

I want to paint the spare room so I can move the computer and the new/old desk I now have for it up there so J can set up his gear in a proper permenant way (The desk was made by my grandfather!).

I want to have a bonfire with friends to say good bye to fall, celebrate my birthday and get ready for winter

I want to sew J the coat I've been promising him for over a year now

I want to build my Mum the window she wants for the cabin door. I'd like to finish it fro Christmas...She turns 74 this year and I keep wondering how long I'll have her with me and I want her to be able to look at it every day, and think of me and how much I care...

I want to repaint my bedroom...to restart a new time for myself, in relaxing shades of burnt red.
Soothing...a new start.

I want...I want...
Too many things...and finally some time. Not enough for all...but perhaps some.
I think I'll put all the things on a piece of paper and put them in my empty plant vase. You know, the one with all the lizards all over it, full of glow in the dark stars...and pick one and do that one...and then go on and on from there. I keep getting told I have too many ideas and too little time.
WELL, maybe I have time enough for one thing at a time?



the Bag Lady said…
Love the "job jar" idea! When I'm finished with all the "should" jobs, perhaps I'll do that, too, with the "wants"!
Missicat said…
Great idea! That's what I soooo need to do - tackle things ONE THING AT A TIME! Then I won't get frustrated and just stop.
Good luck!

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