Friday Favourites: The Aliens

I love these guys...their song about being a robot man

and about being happy

They make me happy.
And so for a friday favourite, check out the Aliens...their album Astronomy for Dogs is guaranteed to make you smile and tap your feet a bit. They even do a slower loungy version of Robot Man on the album which is also very good...

The Aliens are a Scottish band consisting of former Beta Band members Gordon Anderson, John Maclean and Robin Jones. They formed in 2005 after Beta Band was shut down over their lead singer having some personal problems.

J ran into their album through CFCR. I say this: I like. Solid happy rock with the odd wierd noise in it...gotta love it. There is a new album that they've just put out...I haven't been able to run into it yet. Hopefully it it is just as good. If you like off the beaten path happy rock, seemigly twiddled with a Super Furry Animals-ish sort of feel, check them out. I never was too much of a Beta Band fan other than their song Miles and Miles of Squares and Eclipse...a bit too droney. But The Aliens? They finally got it right for me.

So, my good peeps, enjoy the tunes, and have a happy Thanksgiving weekend.
I'm off to help my Mum bake obscene amounts of tasty things and toast marshmallows and play cards and drink hot chocolate for a few days...Yum.


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