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Well, there's a big gap in my counter where my old piece o' crap dishwasher used to be. My Dad had a go at replacing it last night with the new one, and like all things with our house, it got complicated. You see, the pipe to it had no shut off valve (??) so we had to shut off water to the whole house...and it would have to remain off until the new one was in...or a valve was installed. It didn't help that the breaker panel is still largely a mystery, so it took a bit to figure out which breaker to flip so as not to electrocute my dear old Dad. Luckily, Dad is a man of many talents, so we turned off the right breaker, the water and removed the old one to discover the wonders therein, and then went on a trek to the hardware store for some stuff needed to install the new one. Just to make it fun, it seems the floor drain on the old one is in the wrong spot and was totally a made up solution, and the water intake had to be redone, so Dad has to make the hole in the floor bigger and get creative about running the drain to the drain in the basement. I hope he's not too pissed off by the end of it all.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Please don't skimp on home renos people. I am amazed at the little cheap things left out by people just trying to save time or money...nickling and diming things to absurdity. Honestly, you save very little and the people after you who just want to make things right or install something new end up cursing you and spending hours in home reno stores trying to figure out just what sort of product will fix your ginormous renovation cockup to get to what you wanted in the first place.

To his credit, Dad put in a shut off valve last night (what a guy) so we had water this morning. Yay. And he said he can do the rest, and has all the bits and bobs to do it, so I'll leave him be.

I left him with a cup of coffee and the installation manual this morning and altho he was making a few odd faces reading through it I am very hopeful that when I get home today there will be a spanky new black dishwasher installed in the counter. If I'm lucky it will even work...oh to dream.

If it does, we're all going out for supper (well OK we are anyways), and Dad gets a dram or 2 of the finest scotch in the place on me.
We shall see...:)


Anonymous said…
Good ol' Dads. Is there anything they can't do. Its a good thing I don't have kids, because they wouldn't be saying that about me.
the Bag Lady said…
God, I miss my dad! He, too, could do anything!

Hope yours enjoyed his dram.

How does the dishwasher look?

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