Eeez a meeeleycool

This morning, I left for work in a sad, frustrated state, having spent 20 minutes hurriedly looking for my work keys...they're a big bunch of keys for all the labs and rooms I supervise all on a lanyard. I finally had to give up and walk to work.
The whole way I thought variations of "Did I drop them? I don't remember hearing them...I took the bus home last night...are they at the lost and found? Will I get in trouble? How do I replace them? Where did I leave them? Crap!"...and so on and so forth.
At work, I unpacked my lunch in the lunch room and made some coffee. When I sat down, coffee and toast in hand, talking to a coworker I unzipped my bunny hug...and there they were-around my neck.
The thing is - they are a big ass ring of keys. 13 of them. I can feel them there. They make noise when I walk and bounce on my abdomen when I walk fast (like, oh, say, when I walk to work) and I can feel them.
I don't remember putting them there.
I obviously didn't sleep with them around my neck...and I swear they weren't there when I left the house or when I walked to work.
So how'd they get there??
Either it's a miracle or I'm a loonie.
Neither one of those makes me particularly comfortable at the moment...


the Bag Lady said…
That's how it starts, you know....

I've spent hours searching for something (my glasses?) only to find I had then on top of my head.
It's the age-thing.
MaCanuck said…
"Either it's a miracle, or I'm a loonie"

Oooh, oooh, oooh. I know this one! I know this one!
Missicat said…
Everyone in the world has done that once or's like a brain blip where you do something without your brain engaging at all.
BL - definitely done the glasses-on-top-of-the-head thing too! We should start a club!
FirstNations said…
welcome to my LIFE.

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