Didn't we just *do* this a few months ago??

Well, today in Canada we go to the polls, to essentially vote in what we have right now. Another minority government. The thing is, noone is content with how things are right now. Me, I dislike the conservative party and their leader.
Problem is, we have no strong alternative...the Liberals have a great green platform, but aren't explaining themselves well. And their party leader, Dion, is waffley. He was given a chance to stand up for his statements and he waffled...leaving people question his ability to rule. The NDP? Well, they have a lot going for them, but not enough support to do a lot of good. The Green Party? Same.
So essentially, we've got most of Canada not really wanting a conservative government, but the vote is split against them just enough, that they'll likely get a minority government again...which is just what we don't need. A government supported by only ~30% of the country. A government with no effective governing power in what is starting to become a time of financial crisis for the world.
It feels very strange to vote knowing it is likely things will be as they were. Being in a very strong conservative riding, with our current MP being someone I vehemently oppose but know I will be unable to vote out due to his overwhelming rural support, it makes voting seem pointless.

Still, I will vote. Because I can.
It is my right to do so, and many do not have this right. I will act upon it and do my civic duty. Plus I figure if I don't vote I can't complain about who is in power, as I didn't vote...saying the electoral process is a sham or inaccurate is a cop out. It is what it is and we get to choose. If we don't, we only contribute to the decline of the whole process. This time, I will say, I do wish there was a "none of the above" option on the ballot. It would be interesting to see just how many people would choose that in this particular election. I want to know just how many people are disillusioned with the whole procedure this time around.
I do hope that whomever is elected to go to office will do their best for their constituents regardless of their party. A good friend of our family was a conservative MP and he isn't running this year...which is a bit of a shame. Altho I didn't agree with him in a lot of things, at least I know he was a good man who did his best to try to represent the needs of his riding in parliament. It's my fervent hope that we elect people who will do that and not just tow the party line when it comes to major decisions for our country.
Naive I know, but ya gotta start somewhere.

And remember...you can't eat your ballot. It's illegal. They'll know...:) Yeah. I checked...


Anonymous said…
Your statement of "we will just end up with what we started with", makes me wonder.. Harper said he called this election ONLY because he could not run the government in the way Parliament is right now. So now that we all predict Parliament will basically be the same minority government,doesn't that create a quagmire for Harper? Being that he is back were he started two months ago does that mean Harper will be forced to have yet another election? That Harper will have no choice but to step down? Doubtful. It was a weaselly power play at the expense of the Canadian people, yet he gets to keep leading us.
Anonymous said…
I know...that's what irks me. It's like he knows he's essentially screwing us all over, and any other leader in his place, after 2 minority governments would step down. I bet he won't tho.
He'll just keep at what he has, hoping for a miracle. What we'll get is a few more years of innefective government.
grapecat said…
i don't know - most leaders will do anything to hang onto whatever power they can, and pre-financial meltdown (was the election called before lehman bros went under?) did things look different? maybe it was worth a go, politically speaking.

Sounds messy. I don't keep up so well wth Canadian political news, but talking to my mom, who tends to lean more to the right, she is really frustrated too.

I can't actually vote in any national elections anymore - Canada requires evidence of residency or intention which I could no longer prove, and in the UK I can only vote in local and European elections.

let us know what happens, eh? you know, for your international readership :)

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