Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What's in a name?

I started laughing this morning when I called my cat the wrong name. I realised that our 2 cats, Zeke and Gavin have really developed a LOT of different names over their 12 or 13 years with us. Zeke was named by me cuz he just looked like a Zeke, and Gavin was named by J and his roommate after the kid played by Bruce McCulloch on the Kids in the Hall that talked too much and was always asking questions like "if my head were made of meat how much would it weigh?" cuz he meows too much. Zeke is now pretty much Geek all the time (due to his ability to fall over while licking himself and panic and jump into a wall). Gavin is still mostly Gavin, but he has been called Chudley a lot lately...just cuz he *is* a chudley. The thing is, I began to list all their names that we call them regularly and was pretty surprised, as there's quite a few:

Zeke: Geek, Ezekiel, Fizzgig, furball, Geekamo, goober, widget

Gavin: Chudly, Chudly Fundumples, Spewey, "the Vomitor", furbag, tubby, bunny feet

And of course, they both answer to "Treats!"


Alcuin Bramerton said...

Cat-people help human-people to balance their energies. Cat-people have a knowing beyond purring.

Magnus said...

Zeke looks nothing like Zeke, however.