Blows your mind practically fantastically

I'm so excited. Tonight J and I have tickets to the Saskatoon's Centennial Celebration thingamadoo. It's an ever so fancy cocktails and dinner type of thing (period costumes are encouraged, but we don't have any...) with events and program after dinner. PLUS it's in the Western Development Museum...and the whole "Boomtown" replica 1915 town part of it will be open, with a bunch of new displays set up (like an old restored streetcar) and other new exhibity things for the Centennial. J and I've been giggling and saying "swinging party, pity I wasn't invited!" the past few days counting down to it...and to day is the day. Hooray!
It is so rare we get to go to fancy things like this that are something we're really intreseted in. I get to dress up all pretty and wear heels and everything. Woot. J has always been fascinated with old Saskatoon and local history and has books of photos and history of the city. It should be a great evening and I can't wait. I haven't been to the museum in ages...

Happy 100th birthday Toontown!


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