Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I do not want what I have not got...

Reading a few weblogs I've been struck with the fact that the best things in life really are free and I have a lot to be grateful for. It really is my goal/reservation for the year - to be grateful with what I've got.
Here is a list of what I really need to be happy...

-The kitty kritters (Geek and Gavin)
-nibbly tasty edibles (or at least a way for me to make them...)
-A home to be safe in
-LOTS of plants and growing green things
-Hugs and long naps in the sun
-Walks and bike rides in the outdoors
-Friends & Family
-A good book or two
-Something creative to do on a rainy/snowy day
-A bit of time every once in a while to dance like a monkey, camp out in the wilderness and/or be by myself (if combined - bonus!)

I mean there's other things, like a nice cold beer in the bath, walking in the rain, a nice dinner out, that sort of thing...but I don't need them. They're just a nice bonus every once in a while.

Not too shabby when you look at it that way. Pretty good life I think.
Good day to you all - may happy thoughts abide with you.