Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dweeby pants extravaganza

I've been whining lately that my clothes are all worn out, so I went shopping over the weekend to get a few things like pants and some shirts to be a little less scruffy at work. I really like them and do have to say that shopping is more fun now that I'm in shape and can choose from lots of styles. The 2 pairs of pants I got are great - until I irreversibly ruined them. I'm short, so all pants must be hemmed before I wear them...and somehow I managed to hem them WAY shorter than I'd like, with no way to make them longer again. I have NO idea how - the pants for J I hemmed at the same time are just fine of course - it's just me with the dweeby pants extravaganza. (Heh heh...pants extravaganza. Just rolls of the tongue...)
At any rate, I am currently sitting at my desk wearing my great new pants that are way too short for my taste. I like them enough that I'm wearing them despite this until I can figure out how to add an inch or so to them.

Sigh. I suppose the world is reminding me to imbrace my inner dweeb.


Magnus said...

Funny, I have never thought of you as "short", average but not short. Sshort is Greg Fast's wife - 5'1" or 5'1". Short was that 4'10" girl at BBC.
Trent makes us all look short, but at least his sister is taller than him.

Trent said...

Actually, Jerrilyn is about an inch shorter than I, but her hair is bigger, making her seem taller.

And Geo is not short as such, but she has short, stubby legs. And short, stubby fingers.

You could try converting them into short pants, or even shorts. Don't try and make them longer. Celebrate their shortness.


Geosomin said...

Well, I'm 5 4 but my legs are short while my waist and torso are long...I wouldn't call them stubby my good man! Think minute, or reduced. Yeah that's it. My fingers tho - yes, they are stubby.
The reason I don't shop much is most pants seem to ride low (and with low ride pants I must be careful or it is quite the show)and then the legs are WAY too long. But I sure fixed these ones that's for sure. Low riding AND too short.
Dweeby indeed.