38 49...and a gash on your hand

Man. I just found out that the Theivery Corporation and the Flaming Lips are doing a show together at the Hollywood Bowl in LA in July. Wow...I'd love to be there. It's only probably cost the same as J's eyes for the whole trip but hey...
Man, not a lot of bands I like come near me. I mean I've gone to Calgary and Edmonton to see U2 and Gomez and a lot of great DJs, but I've wanted to see the Lips and Thievery Corporation for ages...OK and Moby...and Coldplay...but I can never seem to get to see them. They perform too far away in Vancouver and it is just too much $$ for us to go. But, I suppose if I'm ever in Washington DC I'll have to go to the Corporation's club (that's assuming I get in).
Until then, I guess I'll just have to wait...and drink cocktails in Boomtown.


Magnus said…
The FLips command you!
The FLips compel you!
I'll treat you and J to DIIIINNNEERRR!!!
Geosomin said…
don't taunt me...does that mean the lips iwll be in vancouver?
magnus said…
No idea, but come anyway.

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