Friday night was fun. Exploring Boomtown all dressed up, nibbling on cheese and fruit.

All the places in the museum were open with staff in period costumes there to show you around and answer questions.
I even got to snoop around in the old pharmacy - man I could have spent hours in there!

The trolly car they managed to find from the city is still in pretty good shape. There was so much to see!

The dinner was yummy and afterwards there was a musical review written and directed by Henry Wolfe. He's a local actor who's done a lot (he was on Broadway and even Dr. Who back in the day) and the show was good. J's always admired him, largely because of the Dr. Who thing and got him to pose with him and the magic chair (from the review).They even managed to get the premier into it and midly embarrass him. Good times had by all I suspect.

All that and I went to Waneskewin park yesterday with J and hiked all the trails and saw the exhibits. I've never been before, it really is interesting and a great short hike (about 5K or so)> Top it off with a fine frackin finale of BSG last night and sleeping in this morning and man I'm a happy camper. The finale was so good we watched it twice munching on bannock burgers.
Now I just have to fit in the XMen movie and a family dinner today sometime. Whew!
Now? Well, I've got muffins (pumpkin...mmm) beeping in the oven so I gotta go.


Geosomin said…
It would be cool if what the preview said the post would look like was actually right. I've given up on making this look nice...

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