Friday, May 05, 2006

A few little things...

Inspired by Sherbert's weblog, I have a few things to say...

10 years ago – I was in my second year of university, trying to decide my major, working 3 jobs and had just met this interesting guy named JJ at a friend's wedding. I had just moved out of a house with a couple of friends (as one was crazy) and into a new place with my roommate Malcolm, and was driving a brown Pinto wagon.
5 years ago – I had just graduated and gotten my first "real" research job a few days ago, moved to Saskatoon on my own to stay with J's folks until I could find a place to live for J and us (he was still back in Regina). I was also in the final planning stages of our wedding and had hair down to my butt. I was driving a clapped out old Chevelle I had borrowed from the inlaws as J had "our" car in Regina (an old mustang with a lightning bolt on the hood).
1 year ago – Working at the University labs, I had just finished painting our back door and lower hallway, was declaring I'd never paint again cuz I was fed up. I had purple streaks in my very short hair and was feeling oh so thin as I weighed less than I ever had in my life. J had just started a new job and we were pretty happy, after having been to a friend's wedding and visiting old friends I hadn't seen for years. We had just started to drive our "new" car, an old grey Tercel given to me by my brother.
Yesterday –Same job, longer hair and same car. I worked hard, ate way too much, made yummy stirfry with Jay while deciding what paint chips to pick for painting our living room, which he couldn't really see, as he'd had his pupils dialated for an eye exam to see if he can get lasic surgery and they hadn't gone back to normal yet. Watched a film with friends and ate too much junk food, as I felt rather crappy all day.
Today – Am brutally tired and have had 8 cups of coffee today to stay awake. I've been busy all day and am psyching myself up to do another experiment at work. Tonight I plan to have a nap, maybe make gyros for supper and then hang out with friends.
Tomorrow – Plan to sleep as long as humanly possible, eat a yummy breakfast of crepes and then spend the day out in the yard doing stuff and then the evening organizing the basement. I do believe I might make a yummy food treat that takes an uber amount of time like meat buns. There is a friend of a freind DJing at a local club so we may go for moral support (hopefully he's good).

5 snacks I enjoy – Popcorn, nacho cheesies, granola bars, pita chips and hummus, anything dipped in salsa and sour I'm hungry.
5 bands that I know the lyrics to – TheFlaming Lips, Coldplay, The Police, U2, Moby
5 things I’d do with $100,000,000 – Take a horseback safari across India, pay off all our debts, build an observatory on the roof of my house, Buy a Miata and a mini and build a garage to put them in, and make a big pile of whatever was left and roll around in it naked before investing it so I could live off of it and do whatever I damn well pleased for the rest of my life.
5 locations I’d run away to – Ireland, Banff, England, New York, Little Bear
5 bad habits I have – I bite my nails, I am a horrible housekeeper, I tend to ignore people when I'm in a hurry, I eat too much, I have no patience
5 things I like doing – Cooking and eating what I just cooked, making stained glass windows, hiking, dancing, making campfires.
5 things I would never wear – Hobbit pants, low low rise jeans, between the toe sandals, stiletto heels, lipstick
5 shows I like (still on) – Battlestar Galactica, Trading Spaces, Cold Case Files, BBC News, Doctor Who
5 movies I like –Equilibrium, Star Wars, Amelie, When Harry Met Sally, Matrix
5 famous people I’d like to meet – Marie Curie, David Suzuki, Pierre Trudeau, Leonardo DaVinci, Joan of Arc
5 biggest joys at the moment – napping in the sun (with J if at all possible), listening to music, spending time with J, cooking elaborate foods, sitting out on the deck
5 favourite toys – Kitchenaid mixer, my glass grinder, my iPod, my bike, our new Mania light.
5 people to tag – magnus, Pete, Betty, Trent, Cindi


Magnus said...

I rocked as a dj. Not to toot my own horn, but...
Not a mixing, scratching dj, just a play sets of great music.