Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Eye Eye Captain

It's odd...J just found out today that he will be getting laser eye surgery next wednesday. We've been saving for years, but it's always been a "some day" thing that might not even happen anyways, given his phobias of surgeries and doctors and all that. A few weeks ago, having saved up enough we figured "well he should probably find out if it is actually possible". If not we figured we'd have one hell of a holiday. As it stands he'll get a week holiday, but not quite he same amount of fun. And I get to look after him and try and be kind as he heals. He's a bear when he's sickand I'm an overactive nursemaid so I anticipate this should be quite the adventure...
I thought it was just "zap and you're done" but apparently they have to nick open your cornea and then zap...about 1 minute per eye and you're awake during it...I imagine you're kind of sedated but it is still creepy to say the least. J is quite tense about the whole thing.
Then it is just a week of hanging out in the dark and trying not to be too bored, no showers or swimming (or sex) for a week or two until the corneas are all back on properly.
Still, everyone I know who has had it done doesn't regret it. And seeing as J is quite blind, it would be nice for him to be able to see well without glasses, even if his vision isn't perfect. No more "what if I break/lose my glasses" problems. I have specs but I can get around without them quite fine.
It's just all so sudden. The optometrist said he'd get in soon, but this is almost too soon. On the other hand...less time to think about it and freak out and back out. I'll let you all know how the big day goes when it comes around.


Trent said...

I know men are visually stimulated, but I'm not quite sure how sex would impact on eye surgery recovery. Is it because it is too high impact, all bouncy bouncy? You don't have to go at it like animals every single time, folks. There are some rather interesting, low-impact ways to achieve the same thing. Is it because guys have a tendency to grind their eyelids shut and roll their eyes back when climaxing? I'm confused.

Geosomin said...

"You don't have to go at it like animals every single time, folks"

To each their own my friend.
Seriously tho, I don't know...maybe the bouncy bouncy part or maybe they figure a person could sort of "forget" abour having to be careful. I mean there's no sports for a while too...maybe they just have it in there as a contact sport?
Who knows. Bit of a bummer tho, but what can you do?

D said...

Some things the surgeon always forgets to mention but freaked me out during my own eye surgery:

1 - The smell while the laser is doing it's job is like burning hair.

2 - Once the cornea is flipped open, you cannot see at all, yet you need to focus on the reddish blob directly in front of your face, as that's the laser.

Knowing these two things would have helped prepare me more. Hope they help J!