Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A pointy pointy

So they think they found a set of pyramids in Bosnia.
If it is indeed true, that'll shake up a few historians, as to how and why it was there and just who built it. I can't wait to hear the odd theories that will come up about it...I am bothered that they are digging in a historical site to get to it though. Perhaps they could do some sort of imaging to prevent digging where it isn't necessary. It may all turn out to be an elaborate cock up in the end after all if there's nothing under the hill but a few stones.
I, for one, can't wait for some pictures of something other than those few stones to see if it really is true and not just some guy's theoretical find. I am fascinated by archeology. I went througth a 3 year phase in school where I seriously wanted to be an archeologist...and they do want digging volunteers. Hmmm...


Magnus said...

I remain skeptical, but not closed. I know nothing about the Illyrians, other than Illyrian piracy on the Adriatic is what prompted Rome to declare war, conquer and occupy the Balkans.
Hmmm, just looked up the Illyrians on wikipedia and there is a bit on the so-called pyramid. check this link - Semir Osmanagic sounds a bit whacked.