Friday, May 05, 2006

Thieves. The filthy thieves...

I feel all paranoid. My mother in law just called to say their house was broken into today. Nothing was really wrecked, and a few small things like the DVD player, some jewelry, money, cameras and their phone are gone. No prints or footprints to be taken, as they were all too smudged. The half footprint they found was from a skater shoe so they figure it was some kids looking for some easy cash. Warman? I figured it was a small town. I mean in my home town as a kid (300 people), someone broke into the store and it was talked about for years...guess the world is changing. J's Mom is trying to be positive; I mean nothing was wrecked and everyone is safe and it's ony stuff, but having someone in your home uninvited is just enough to give me the creeps...and it wasn't even my home.
The bummer of it is, one of the cameras stolen was our film camera - the Elph Jr. It'll probably be replaced with insurance, but it had sentimental value. We bought it for our England trip and took some nice pictures with it. We'd lent it to J's grandma to take on her 3 week bus trip through the states but it was to "fancy" for her and se wasn't comfortable taking it. We don't use it much, but still.
Oh well..guess I'll go spend the rest of the evening updating our list of serial numbers for our stuff.