Monday, January 07, 2013

Twinkle twinkle

 Last night was nice. J was feeling a bit better and it was the final night of the Enchanted Forest light display at the forestry farm here in town. Last night is walk through only (which to me is the best way to see it) with free hot chocolate. It was only -7 C so I put on my new winter boots (hee warm, with no giant hole in them - hooray!) and we went for a nice 90 minute walk through the lights.

I know these pictures are pretty crappy, but they are of the wierdest displays of the bunch in my opinion. Three french hens (they did the whole 12 days of christmas),

and from the right angle you can see Mary and Joseph in the barn with the... um... christmas gophers? Sure. That's it...

And, me, all hot chocolated up and running around like a little kid in Candy Cane lane.

I loved it. :)

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