Sunday, January 06, 2013

Mumma you've been on my mind

I've been a bit morbid lately. I suppose it came through on friday's post. J has been quite sick with the cold/flu and so I have been thinking a lot, with time to get lost in my head. You see, today, 3 years ago was when my Mum passed away, so I get a bit morbid this time of year, with the cold and snow. The song "momma you've been on my mind" has been in my head a lot the past few days. Not mopey...just introspective I suppose. Days like this I wish I could call her up and chat or make some cookies together, you know?

I was sure I was coming down with the plague J has been suffering with a few weeks ago - felt achey and awful yesterday, but after 14 hours of sleep and some fresh baked scones I feel worlds better today. It is only -5 today, so I may take my creaky bones out in my new winter boots for a walk. It is a nice 30 minute walk to the pet store and grocer. Perhaps I will pick up some food for the kittehs and for me. A little sunshine is good for the soul. :)

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