Thursday, January 31, 2013

Only on the prairies

It is -46 C with the wind today. A balmy -36 without.
Is it declared a dangerous day? A snow day? Are services restricted and everyone given a day home for safety because if you went outside it's so cold you could die?
Don't be silly.
It's "just a bit of cold snap".

I shake my head at it all. Yes, we're all in at work like it's no big thing.
Me? I bundled up like a sausage and came in on the bus to workout before work and the class was full as usual. Now I'm at work and we're all here, doing our thing.


It's supposed to lift to warmer more normal temperatures by Sunday and I'm glad.
Much more of this and I'll go all Shining on poor J...


the Bag Lady said...

It is +2 here this morning. The forecast was for 0 with a windchill of -25C.
Weird or What?

Captain Chlorophyll said...

If it helps any, every time my local weatherman (in a comparatively warm spot in the U.S.) says "Arctic cold", I yell, "When the temperature gets below zero degrees Fahrenheit, I'll consider if it's "Arctic" or not!" at the TV.

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