Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Slow days

So there's a new Beck album and a new Gomez album out. I like the electronic...but some good strange rock and blues can really help you make a duvet cover. I listened to these albums while finishing the duvet cover. It's now a giant geometric patterned colorful pillowy awesome marshmallowy thing on our bed. All warm and fluffy - I LOVE it. I'd post a photo, but it's of a duvet and it's on my bed...which just seems a little odd to do...so unless anyone out there has a deeep desire to see it just take my word for it - it's very nice.

As for the new Gomez and Beck albums, go listen to them. They're both great. The Beck is his best album yet (in my humble opinion)-plus you get to decorate the cover with stickers. How cool is that? AND every CD has different stickers. The Gomez album is a "best of" 2 album set with a lot of unreleased songs and B-sides on it and they're all (except for 1) great songs. Royalty one of my favorite new tracks at the moment. I mean with lyrics like these, how can you go wrong:
"Well, treating me like royalty doesn't really matter - cuz I'm the king.
And the king ain't listening to anyone who isn't wearing leather...at all."

It's a good day today. Only -10 with fluttery snow and no wind. Beautiful. I get to go to a potluck at lunch (I made apple crisp with vanilla ice cream)and a supper Christmas party out at Amigo's so I'll be full and happy like the good Bacon Queen I like to be. If you hear a sonic boom it's me exploding after 2 huge meals. Yum.

Because I really have nothing else to say, here's a meme:

Current attire: Jeans, grey wool sweater, blue shoes
Current mood: A bit tired, and moody. It's that time of year when the constant dark days make you a bit off...I can't wait until the day sget longer again so I can see sunlight for real instead of jsut through the windows during work.
Current music: "From Creation" by Thievery Corporation (Richest Man in Babylon)
Current annoyance: The short days. Too little sun makes me want to eat sleep and hibernate. I think I need MORE blinky christmas lights to compensate...
Current thing: Planning my basement room. I have ideas of what to do and I'm finding symbols for hope, peace, serenity and creation from other languages (like japanese, sanskrit, hindi and hieroglyphocs) to paint on the 4 walls...which will be red and yellow. I can't wait to have my own space.
Current song in head: Royalty by GOmez (the song I quoted above)
Current video in player: THe tape we used to tape Doctor Who last night. Very good episode. Part one of a "waking up ancient evil" story. Very spooky..
Current DVD in player: Season 2 of Arrested Develeopment.
Current refreshment: Coffee
Current worry: How to get the obligatory Christmas crap out of the way (gifts) and still get things I'm sincere about giving. I hate "giftin" and shopping for them, but our families really want them...I don't liek to shop at the best of times and christmas season is NUTS. Some gifts we've found as the year went by and picked up, but there are lots yet to get. *sigh*
Current thought: Where can I order another thermometer for myself? And will it be as cool as the other one...or should I just wait until I see one that wants to come home with me?

Things that make me happy:
-Christmas cookies (ginberbread, shortbread and scuffles)
-Hot cocoa with marshmallows
-snuggly naps under the duvet

I'm thankful for:
-my warm toasty new duvet. It's like sleeping under a marshmallow.
-my family
-not having to stress about $$ at least for a while.

Three nice things I will do soon:
-Bake a bunch of cookies for all the single grad students we have here...they're missing their families terribly and I know some of them would appreciate some tasty baking.
-Put up the Christmas decorations.
-Exercise...so all this christmas food dosen't make a home on my butt

3 Words that make me smile:
-Phosphofructokinasekinase (it's an enzyme...)



Anonymous said...

Since learning that Beck is a Scientologist I have had a hard time listening to his music. Still really like Sea Change, but ya know... Scientology is an insideous monstrosity that eats the brains of all it converts, My opinion, of course.

Geosomin said...

Scientology? Really? Hmmm, I figured he'd have more sense than that.
I had no idea. The album is good though...

Anonymous said...

A link to a list of other Scientologists.


Anonymous said...

L. Ron Hubbard gave me a taco and it made me very sick...

Anonymous said...


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