Dude. You can eat the bowl.

Geo had an idea.
Last night she was going to make biscuits to go with her chili...and decided to use the dough to make bowls.
How you ask?
Well, she made regular biscuit dough (2 c flour, 2 heaping t baking powder, salt, 1/4 c butter cut in with 3/4c milk), threw in some garlic and pepper and cornmeal and then turned a muffin tin upside down, greased it and divided the dough into 6, spreading the dough over top the mounded cups and then baked them at 450 for about 10 minutes.
Crispy yummy decadent biscuit bowls for her chili.

You have NO idea how good they were. It was biscuit heaven with yummy chili. Only one remains. It is mine for lunch.


solarity said…
You are brilliant! I never thought the bread bowls that restaurants offer sounded that great, but this would be much better. As it happens I have a pot of soup on the stove right now, to be eaten tomorrow. I will hunt up the muffin pan (which I never use) tonight.

Mary Anne in Kentucky
the Bag Lady said…
Clever, clever girl! I am filing this idea away for use in the very near future!
Chili, stew, soups..... all kinds of things would work in these!
solarity said…
With the high at 101F I chickened out of anything involving the oven, but I am definitely planning for the future.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

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