A little excursion is good for the soul

I just spent 5 days visiting my Dad at the lake - wish I could have stayed longer...
It was nice to relax and be in the outdoors. I stayed on a few days after J had to go back and spent time relaxing, reading, hanging out with dad, making food and just unwinding. It's been a while since I've been able to just visit Dad...I miss him already. I know he gets lonely still at times so it was nice to keep him company. I heart my Dad :)

I got to go for a run through the woods in the sunshine, take the quads into a remote lake to catch some fish, bake up a storm, hike with J, have a few BBQs, finish off a good murder mystery and then have a twilight cruise on the lake with Dad and some of his friend's on their pontoon boat...it was a beautiful way to end the holiday.

Dad gave me Max Braithwaite's "Never Sleep 3 in a Bed" to read on the bus back home - it's a humorous autobiographical collection of stories from his childhood, growing up on the prairies around Prince Albert, where I and my Dad grew up. I'd recommend it, for a few giggles and a look into what my parent's childhood must have been like here on the prairies. The bus ride home was driven part way by someone my Dad taught in grade 8, so we traded stories about him and our families all the way back to PA. It was a nice trip...made it go by so much faster.
I wish I were home with J a bit more, but today I'm off to Vancouver for the weekend for training and visiting with J's family after before heading home again. Ooh la lah - what an epic traveller I'm turning out to be. :)


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