I am not amused

Out of the blue on friday I learned my supervisor from Toronto was in town this weekend. I was a bit frustrated at the lack of info and warning, as it seems to be rather disrespectful to me, but whatever - we talked and agreed to meet this AM at 8:30. I refused to give up my anniversary celebrations and a day of relaxing with J. I did concede to not going out last night to the monthly midnight horror movie so I could be awake this morning...

Now, I am sitting in my lab and am trying not to fume at the fact that she is already 30 minutes late. I will wait a bit more before I call her. I do hope she hasn't forgotten and wants reschedule later today. I have other things to do than sit around, half awake in my lab on a sunday morning.

I am not amused.


Anonymous said…
Days that don't go the way you wanted them to can be an awful drag. :-(

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