Know what's better than a bowl? A cone!

I find this whole "My Drunk Kitchen" series of videos to be hilarious...this one in particular...and the baking episode. It's up there with Drunk History videos for sheer amusement of yours truly.

It's sort of like hanging out in my kitchen...only I don't drink and cook so much any more since I gave myself stitches whilst tipsily chopping banana peppers to make guacamole...and there's the whole gas stove thing too.
Yeah. I can hurt myself with a wet paper bag so first and all that jazz.
It's my day off and I'm waiting for the dishwasher repair dude to come and fix the dishwasher (which hopefully is actually broken and not just dirty and noisy so I'm actually paying the dude to fix it...what do I know about dishwashers? Nothing that's what...). He is not here yet. I am bored. Not bored enough to work on my data...heh.
I feel inspired to pop a cork and make some lunch...


Geosomin said…
Harumph - turns out it wasn't broken BUT there was some bits of metal inside the bottom of the dishwasher by the garborator (WTF?? how does a thumbtack and a paperclip get in there?) so he took it apart, took the bits out, cleaned it and put it back together and Tadah!
Altho I'm a bit annoyed at having to give the guy $120 for something I could do, I could not have done it until now. I'm treating it as a repair lesson fee - the guy explained to me what he did and let me watch him work so I now know how to take it all apart myself so if this happens in the future I can do this myself before calling in a repairman if it ends up being something more serious.

I must say -I want a job where I get $65 for just showing up before I even do work...
Pacian said…
That drunk history link made me cry with laughter.

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