Went to Bill's funeral today. I have to say...I hope I'm so kindly remembered.
Bill and his family are not at all religious and it was more of a happy wake than a funeral. We gathered with his family and remembered what a great guy he was. People told their memories and there were a few tributes. A slide show of his life.
Then at the end, his wife got up to speak. She was both smiling and crying. She told us the following, and it will stick with me for a very long time. She said she was very glad to have spent her life with Bill happily and openly with no regrets. That their last words to each other were I love you. She told us all to live life fully and to love fully and tell the people we care about how we feel. To laugh. To live. Because you never know when it might end, and there is so much to do in this life.
It's a nice thing to think that someone left the world a better place.
What a great way to be remembered...



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