This one time, at bootcamp...

Ever since I saw a short video inspiring me to do a boot camp at home I thought it would be a cool idea. I miss working out outside. Today, despite being grumpy, and perhaps because I was grumpy (different story...), I figured instead of having my own personal episode of Drunk Kitchen it would be better for me if I got off my ass and go outside and try it.
When I went out it was cloudy and about 20 with a breeze. I figured that would be OK weather...and it was for the 8 minutes of brisk walking I did getting to a nice grassy patch by the river where I planned to do my bootcampy stuff. By then the sun was out and shining and it was probably 25 in the shade (meh)...but I figured since I was out there with my 10Lb weight, water and my list of tortures I should get to it. And, I'm rather proud to say I did it all. I admit that by half way thru I was not particularly enjoying it and it was hot and sweaty and evil, but I was determined and I finished this set of exercises as required THREE TIMES thru. You were supposed to rest 30 seconds between each thing, and I did as needed...sometimes resting in the middle as needed too...cuz it turns out these exercises are WAY harder than they look to do, especially in the hot sun. Even with the patch of shade I found after a few was a challenge. Nice to be outside, but still...whew.
Here was the boot camp drill from the video I did thru 3 times after a requested 10 minute cardio warm up (counted the walk there and back as the warmup):

25X high knee jumps (both sides)
15X lunge twists (both legs)
25 lateral jumps (over and back)
15 X push ups*
15 X leap frogs
15X crawl push ups**
20X single leg hops
12X inchworm op-ops***
12X boulder burpees ****

Then I briskly walked the 6 minutes home. Yes I could have done more cardio at this point as you were supposed to do 10 at the start and I didn't. Originally that was the plan, but believe this point I was hot and rather cranky at the heat so I just counted the brisk walk carrying a 10Lb weight there and back as cardio.
After a nice cold shower I am now drinking my workout reward super shake, which I must bloody delicious. I'd do nearly anything for this shake. It is my own homemade healthy version of a frappacino that I blend up at home as a post workout treat:
~3/4 c 1% milk
~3/4 c cold coffee
3 iced cubes
1 frozen banana
1 t tahini (you could use peanut butter - I don't like it)
1 scoop mocha protein powder (vanilla or chocolate is OK too)
1/2 t sweetener (stevia powder)

MMMmmm. Seriously delicious. And now...well my shake is done, I'm less cranky and I'm ready for the rest of my day, altho palms are still sore from the workout. I think I'll look into some supper. It's Doctor Who back on again after a hiatus tonight, but J is working all evening, so I am just going to make sure it tapes on the DVR and we'll watch it together on his birthday this week.
I need to be good and work on my data tonight. My goal this weekend is to finish the initial collection and crunching of ALL of it (muahaha), so I can commence with the statistical analysis in september so I can start writing it up. And THAT honestly can't come soon enough for me :)
Later taters...

*Now the first 15 push ups were supposed to be clap ones...but it turns out the I should have worn gloves as my palms hurt from one...what with twigs and bits of pointy ground stuff on the I also did girly ones. Yeah I know...but there were other push ups and burpees to come and after a few full ones with sore palms I just went with that. Nyeah.
** the whole crawl push up thing? I could not for the life of me figure out HOW to do them After trying 5 or 6 times and ending up with some sort of mutant crawl thing that hurt my legs I just opted to do 15 spider push ups instead...I figure it was kinda the same...ish...
***These are evil. they look deceptively simple. After 5 or 6...not so much. EVIL.
**** In the video I got this from, after the crouch down, hop legs out, do push up, hop legs back in, for the stand up part of the burpee you were to hold a big rock in your hands and raise it up over your head and back down to the ground. I know this is dumb for me to try as I would likely hurt I used an old 10 Lb dumbbell I brought with me.


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