Now we're cooking

I am so proud of J. I am biased, yes, but sometimes the rest of the world reminds him that he is indeed very talented too...:)

Along with many other good things he does at his job (like the awesome local coverage of the fringe...), he has planned and now shoots and edits a cooking show with another guy who hosts it. Together they made it happen. It's been going well - they are on episode 7 now and all have been well received. They've actually been put on the free on demand programming by Shaw for everyone to watch if they want to. It's that good :) I have watched them and enjoyed them. They came up with the idea and pitched it and shot it and brought it into being. They have every reason for being proud of it-it's just them with no budget. Just ideas and the desire to make something new...and it's good.

Yesterday he and his partner got an email forwarded to them by a lady in another province who just wanted them to know her 10 year old son had watched the show and then made them one of the recipes on it for them for supper and is going to try making another one of them on the weekend for them. How cool is that?
When J told me about it his face was When you do original programming hearing responses like that from people who really enjoy what you do? It makes it all worth while.

I am, as ever, so very proud of him. I like it when he's happy :)


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