Friday funk

The thing about my MSc project is there's lots of data. Lots.
Sort of like saying the Sahara has a few grains of sand...
Last night whilst working on organizing and graphing my last (!!!) large set of data from my research I realised when my numbers looked ridiculous that I had in fact totally cocked up the organization of them and needed to reorder, sort and graph many of them.
And so, with a sigh, I did so. Good I caught it but I'd rather not have had to spend the time on it.
Slow and steady wins the cupcake and all that good stuff I suppose....

I'm feeling the fall approach...cooler mornings with the sun coming up later and later. It's just eeking over the horizon now when I get up at stupid o'clock to go to the gym. No more shorts to the gym...and soon it'll be dark again in the mornings. The leaves haven't turned yet - I'm looking forward to that a great deal. Although it will mean our front yard will look ridiculously scraggly, the colours along the riverbank *GLOW* in the sunrise in the mornings in the fall and walking thru the trees by the river is like stepping away from the city and into a daydream. Every evening I can step out for 10 minutes and just soak it all in before bed. It is the very dictionary definition of calm and serene with only the rustle of leaves to keep you company.
I love fall.
I know it was wise, for sanity's sake, to return to normality and ignore school for July (and a bit of August) but it is making the return to insanity really difficult. I'm getting back into the swing of things again...building discipline and starting to get things done. I know the end is in sight. It's just round the next bend.
Truth be told all I want is to have a beer and sit in the yard and read a book. It helps my discipline slightly knowing that the book I'm currently reading is dull as hell (The Woman with the Dragon Tattoo is just not going anywhere...I may give up on it) and I am trying to shed the few pounds I gained on I am resigned to tea instead of beer (except on weekends, what do you take me for?) and hard work instead of reading it is then.

I shall most likely undo my week of hard work by heading out tonight to Folkfest with J tonight. He got us VIP passes for the evening so we get chauffeured around to all the pavilions and uncluttered, comfortable seating at the pavilions with food and drink from around the world. Yum. That should help cheer my spirits up a little.

And so - good day all. I'm going to have a cup of coffee and try and shake this funk and see what the day brings me. And I shall watch this's a mash up...with video. I only wish I was so talented. :)


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