Dear Apple - you really suck right now.

You know...I was a big Mac fan until last night.
I have an old Mac Powerbook...runs great...does all I want it to. And an even older G3...they have Office and an older OS but they do what I need them to and I can have my music and internet and all I am pleased.
*WAS* pleased.
BUT now Apple is being a huge dick about their older stuff. And apparently only to people who already own their products.
They are upgrading their new tech and software...and making older things obsolete whether we want them to be or not. Prime exampele - New iPods and iPhones require the new iTunes to work. I didn't care as my older iPods are still OK...or so I thought.
You see NOW I need iTunes 10 in order to access the iTunes store and download new podcasts and buy tunes...BUT it won't run on my Mac because my OS is too old. And I'm not sure if I even shell out the odd $150 dollars to get the OS if it would even work on my laptop or our old G3...AND I am not sure I want the hassle of backing up ALL my MSc work and data, music and photos before I do the update so I don't lose them...all to get a podcast or two and buy some tunes. If I had set up my 500+ CDs and other music stuff on a PC it would be no big deal, as Apple for whatever reason still supports windows all the way back to XP...but as I am actually a supporter of their tech, I am stuck to fume and whine and generally get really grumpy over all this. Once you set up your iPod on a Mac you can't switch it to a PC. So I am, my good peeps, essentially unable to download anymore podcasts onto my iPod. Sure I can do so at work on my PC, but forget putting them on my iPod.
I like my music. It is with me all the time. At home. In the lab. In the gym.
I actually take the time to buy software and legitimate copies of music.
This is how I am rewarded?
Gee... maybe I could get a new laptop? Yeah sure...perhaps I will go plant another money tree...

This, my good peeps, is corporate greedy moneygrubbing bullshit.
I just want to download a podcast or two.


MaCanuck said…
I didn't realize your computer was quite so old. The update probably won't work.

What's the iPod? There are alternate ways of getting podcasts, other than iTunes (like Juice), then dropping them into iTunes. You can also pick up music elsewhere, as long as it isn't DRMed, and drop it in.

But yeah, Apple has never been afraid to abandon older technology. If you want to pick it up in an email, I'll see if I can help you through this difficult time in your life...

Geosomin said…
I think I fixed it. With your link (thanks a zillion) I managed to downgrade iTunes again to 9.2.1 and reinstalled the proper Safari I need and it all seems OK again. I can go to the iTunes store again and iTunes is once again talking to my iPod. I am downloading a test podcast as we speak. I don't know what happened, but I'm repairing permissions and standing on one foot and doing all I can...
For a moment there I thought I was officially screwed out of using iTunes for anything other than a player anymore...I didn't want to believe it...thankfully it appears to not be so. I'm safe for a bit longer...

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