mole sauce...and a beaver...but not together silly

Last night J and I went out with a friend for amazing mexican food. La Bamba del Norte opened near to our place a while back and we finally got out for a meal...I am so glad we did. I really didn't have time, but sometimes an evening off with friends is just as important as work, you know?
The place is small and tucked away in a strip mall on the north end, but don't let that fool you. Inside is cozy and the menu and staff are top notch. I had pulled chicken tortillas with mole sauce (mmm...), while J and our friend had beef enchiladas. Both came with sides of mexican spiced rice and appetizers of fresh tortilla chips with baked refried beans (mmm...). We shared dessert - fried iced cream - which was fabulous. Add to that an agave tequila margarita and I was pleased as could be about the whole meal. Yum. We will definitely be going again...

We went for a long walk by the river after to walk off the meal...and while out on the sand dune that's formed in the South Saskatchewan we saw the moon rise over the horizon and spill out onto the river. I live in a beautiful place :) Walking back through the trees we came across, of all things, a very large, very confused beaver. Apparently it had been injured by a vehicle and a few kind souls were keeping it safe until a wildlife officer and veterinarian could come and make sure it would be OK to release back into the wild. There are a number of beavers along the river evidenced by the thick chain link around most of the mature trees. Without the mesh they fall rather quickly to their nibbly teeth...

All in all, it was a nice evening.
Today I shall be good and work extra hard :)


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