Today, 11 years ago, I told the world I loved one man more than any other. That he made my heart complete in ways I didn't understand.
That I wanted to be with him. Always.
I am very blessed...


grapecat said…
congratulations! salutations and good wishes to you both. we, too, are blessed to know the pair of you :)
now quit working immediately, both of you, and go and have some fun -
this is an order.
that is all.
grapecat said…
ps i say "english summer bbq" crisps are worth posting, n disagrees. he says their "just" bbq. i say, the phrase "english summer bbq" is a myriad of contradictions, and for that reason alone, worthy of postage. he says, only to me.
the Bag Lady said…
Awww.... you are too cute!!
Congratulations on 11!!
Geosomin said…
Thanks guys.
Grapecat - the idea of BBQ crisps have made me curious...I think they are most postworthy :)

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