Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Woo - take THAT!

The votes count is in...and we voted 85% no against the lame offer made to us.
The union now has our strong support to get back to negotiations and settle this.
We will not be bullied and intimidated...
let's end this.


Trent said...


I hear it's going down to minus thirty!

Let's go walk the picket line for another month, shall we?

Solidarity, brothers.

Oh, right. And sisters.

If you have any sway with the negotiators, have them put a clause in the contract that it is good for four years and four months. That way, when you do this again in 2012, you're walking the picket line in spring heading into summer. Not fall heading into hell.

geosomin said...

I wish...unfortunately, THIS is when we impact the most - maintenance in the winter is key. And finals and other things are coming is when it hurts them as much as it hurts us.

Yes...I may well lose a few limbs at this rate.
At least we have burning barrels...
Oddly...I wasn't prounion until all this happened.
Now I am.

Magnus said...

Actually we just need to stage a scene where a bunch of guys - apperently at the behest of the university - beat the crap out of the strikers, so you can earn sympathy points frm the populace.
Maybe we could pin it on the Saskatchewan Party, but I am more than confident that they will have plenty of scandals to rock their boat.