Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rocking hard with disco lighting

Heh...sometimes words decribing athought just pop out. Nobody else like that? I am. Being awesome to the point that you have the accompaniment of fabulous lighting seems to be a great compliment to me...but then I like crazy lighting. Suppose it won't be the next catch phrase or anything, but I'll keep using it I think. Well...unless I get mocked too much.
And I really do like the sound of it...tho it's a bit wierd.
But then so am I.

Yesterday was great. It was cold, but we decided to boost morale with lots of walking and chanting and waving and trying to get cars to honk and read our picket signs. Lots of faculty and staff and students were out to support us. It felt good...hope today goes as well. The employer hasn't even tried to meet with us yet...*sigh*

I've had a lot to think about lately what with 4 hours a day in the bracing cold...lately my focus has been politics, as today is our provincial election day. All you people in Saskatchewan - remember to vote. It's going to be a close call this time, and we all need to speak to be sure our future governement is one we chose. As always, for voter etiquitte - you cannot eat your ballot (I checked - honest, it's illegal - it says so right on the FAQ of the election site), and polls are open all day. Let's make sure the government that takes us forward for the next 4 years is one we've chosen carefully. We've got to diametrically opposed main parties - NDP (prounion/labour) VS the Sask Party (ie. conservative party - probusiness). We must choose wisely as I really think the direction of the province is at stake. I, for one, love my home - I want it to be unique and grow at it's own pace. I've looked around and I like what I see and disagree with the other parties other than NDP myself...they seem to have the best interest of us all in mind - but that's just my opinion. Our province is right down the middle between those 2 parties with Liberal and Green Party making up the remnants. I am so very curious to see how it swings. I don't want my home to be forced to grow out of scale to try and keep up with larger centres...we're just not there yet. Right now we're small, but thriving. We have crown corporations run by our province that give us our power and gas and phone that keep our rates realistic for a province of few people. I really think our future is something still unfolding - We should be what we are and be proud of it...whatever that develops into.
We shall see what the future holds.
My immediate future? Chilly and windy with excessive dancing and picket waving coming in in the afternoon, with toasty drinks and Babylon 5 sweeping in in the evening. is my goal today to rock hard with disco lighting.
Not bad really.


Pacian said...

"Heh...sometimes words decribing athought just pop out. Nobody else like that?"

Yes, I am. But my words make sense.

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