Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday monday, sometimes it just turns out that way

It was a nice bonfire on saturday night...just J, me and our friend Heather. We toasted marshmallows and relaxed by the fire - it was great. Sunday was more vegging - I feel positively refilled with energy and ready for the week.

I'm excited - I'm going to make some Christmas beer with my brother this week...hopefully it'll be done by the holidays. Our last batch was a bit yeasty as we didn't really know what we were doing, but this time I'm sure it'll be poifect.

I wish I had brilliant words of wisdom to spread, but I'm just very mellow, listening to Maybe Smith and drinking some Coffee. And, I just have to take minute to make a little plug for Maybe Smith. If you want some great Canadian music - Maybe Smith is somethig to check out. Maybe Smith is a local guy, Colin...I know him through his volunteer show down at CFCR. His music is all by him, and every album he's gotten better. I've liked a few songs of his here and there, but I must say I really like his latest album Animals and Architects. The music is mature and full, with lots of nice little odd noises here and there. He's put together a band for touring this album and I wish him well. He's a great guy and deserves some luck with it - I predict very soon he'll be more than a local favourite.

Well, I'm just putting off the inevitable. I'm off to bundle up for another chilly day of picketing.