Oh Captain my Captain

Where I work (well used to) is a huge campus, and our strike teams are at every entrance into campus to make sure our presence is noted.
The past 13 days have been a real school in human nature. At this point I'm quite pleased and amused at how everyone is banding together and I have met so many people from all over and had a lot of interesting conversations with people who work in fields I normally wouldn't run into.
And a cool thing is, we've sort of adopted our picket homes...and some have developed nicknames. The one near the Med school is Club Med (not too original) and Hawaii (it's the sunny corner). Out where I am on the edge of campus by the research fields, synchrotron and satellite array, the wind whistles thru with a vengeance and the furthest stations are now known as Siberia and Mars.
And I am so very happy to say I am a Captain on Mars. And I'm even more please that I had nothing to do with the naming of it...it just happened.
We're talking of making our own flag for morale, and I'm trying to think of some sort of Mars cake for friday for all on my team for putting in 2 weeks out here in the Mars wasteland. I may even get a "I spent ** days on Mars and all I got was this Tshirt" printed up on iron on logos for our teams when this is all over...
I must say - I'm glad to know these people. When things started there was a lot of uncertainty and whining and I was less than impressed, but we've all banded together and we're stronger now for a common cause. We're cheering each other up and on days like yesterday with snow and gusting wind warnings from winds over 105 Km an hour you need friends to keep you smiling. So it's my duty as captain to try and keep them happy.
Happy Captain on Mars...gotta love it.


Pacian said…
While you're there, could you give Spirit's dodgy wheel a bit of a wiggle?
Rimshot said…
Go get 'em Captain Happy!
Magnus said…
All thanks be to Walt Whitman.

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