Thursday, November 29, 2007

Does not compute

So far I've typed in nearly 180 data sets.
Only 1300 odd more to go...for the first project. There may be more.
That's a lot of data.
I'm ectremely grateful to have work to do at home...10 hours in and I think I've got the hang of it.
It looks I should be able to help keep it together...and with any luck this strike won't go on for too much longer.

Must be off for my frozen wanderings... but first *this*: Stolen from Diddums...done as a break from all that data...

Pieces of Eight meme

8 Things I Am Passionate About
1. cheese
2. individual rights and respect of others
3. learning about other cultures (they all seem so much more interesting than mine...)
4. Making things
5. J
6. Bringing more goodness and joy to the world
7. Being warm
8. Animal rights

8 Things I Say Often
1. Awhaaaaaht?
2. Dammit cat! (usually at geek)
3. sigh
4. are you going to eat that?
5. I love you (to J)
6. huzzah!
7. Um...don't take this personally, but you are a robot aren't you?
8. GAH!

8 Books I’ve Read Recently
1. Spin (just won a Hugo award....some of the best original scifi I've read in ages)
2. Guide to Homebrewing 3rd Ed.
3. Classics (Bloom County collection...what? there's words in the captions!)
4. Imzadi
5. Harry Potter and the last book in the series
6. 50 Great Gifts you can make (gearing up for cheap gift ideas)
7. Planet of the Gawfs
8. What Einstein told his cook (vol. 2)

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over
1. beautiful - Moby
2. Warning Shots - Thievery Corporation
3. Smoked Glass and Chrome - Ott
4. No Heaven - Champion
5. Fragile - Sting
6. Surfing on a Rocket - Air
7. Swallowed in the Sea - Coldplay
8. His Majesty King Raam - Lemon Jelly

Thre's more...but that'll do for now...bye!


Pacian said...

"2. Dammit cat! (usually at geek)"

Or when around beatniks?

"3. sigh"

That's something you do, not say. Unless you really are saying it, in which case you should stop.

"6. huzzah!"


Diddums said...

I particularly like 'Gah'!

I write 'sigh' but never say it. Actually - I think I have said it once or twice, but am more likely make a gusty noise.