Queen of the jungle...and of all I survey

With J away I've been delegated to watering our jungle of plants.
And I've decided there are too many.
We have acquired many from people whom we plant sitted for as they moved, or were away for long holidays and they've never returned home. Our house gets a lot of sun, for most of the day so plants love it here. Both our christmas cacti are blooming at the moment - purple and red - very pretty. When we moved in we had very little, so plants were our primary furnishings....but after an official plant count I do believe there are too many to be declared normal.

How many is too many?
Well you decide...

In the kitchen there are 2
In the bathroom there are 2
In the toilet downstairs there are 3
and (tadah)
...in the living room there are no less than 29, four of which are large plants (rubber plant, palm, a tropical palmyish thing and a big tree of some sort that desperately needs a trim back) as well as a few different types of cacti, 3 hoyas, a small ming tree, a cayenne pepper tree, a number of smaller vines, some I can't identify as well as tropical plants, rubber plants and vines we're looking after "for a while" (some for over a year now...)

If I were the owner of 36 cats or stuffed animals or well anything really, people would shake their heads, call me in to the authorities or at least make the odd comment, but with plants, the more the merrier it seems. They really are beautiful and our home is very soothing and green - It's a big sunny room so it's not opressive or anything...I just started counting them after watering took me an inordinate amount of time and was quite surprised at the total. I mean, how many plants do YOU all have? Am I way off?
Hmmm...Perhaps as long as I don't have to water them very often I should just slowly relocate the 8 or 9 that aren't actually ours back home and keep the rest. And J *does* like to look after them. No wonder he was muttering a while back that the family should take their plants back.

And yet with all of them here, I still want a jade plant in the bedroom some day...


Pacian said…
My mum has more than 36 soft toys. She's made more than 36 soft toys.
Reb said…
Well, it depends on the size of the house - everything being relative and all. If you don't feel crowded out, then there are not too many.

Mom had a very green thumb and our house always had lots of plants. I never counted, but it would have been close to your count a few times. I on the other hand have managed to kill spider plants - people tell me they are the hardest thing to kill. I now restrict my growing to outdoors in the summer, for some reason, I can do that.
Magnus said…
Chaucer's Bitch said…
shit, that's nothing! i live in one room (dorm room) and i've got over 30 plants! suck it!
Magnus said…
My Mum had tonnes of plants in the first house we had in Port Coquitlam - and then there was the front and back garden. My Dad had a lot in his house in New Westminster.
Get more Geo - it ain't a jungle until you have monkeys or a three toed sloth.

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