Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Day 20 (sigh)

It's -10 with snow today.
I can only hope this strike is over soon.
I'm tired of it.
I've dug out the ski pants and all the winter gear...we've no way of knowing how talks are going, but I can only hope they're going well. They brought in a good provincial conciliator to help, but the university and union seem to be butting heads...when most of us just want to go back to work. I can't even think how screwed up it is for the students. They're caught in the's so unfair. You would think that alone would make both sides lock themselves ina room until things were concluded. But we just walk and wait (and freeze...). I almost wish the government would just force an arbitration. Thinkgs need to be concluded soon.
I ordered all these cool things for projects in the lab and I want to get back and play wih them....and I'd like to have a Christmas thank you very much. I don't are if I have gifts or not, but I'd like to at least have enoug gas to get to the family's place for the holiday! If this lasts much longer it'll be a miserable December.

Ah don't mind me - I'm in a mumbly mood. I'd better go start putting on my winter kit...


Trent said...

Aww, come on, Captain. Pull it together. Your crew needs you. You always knew it was cold on Mars...

Chaucer's Bitch said...

i'd give anything for 10 degrees and snow. that sounds heavenly.

(and mulled wine. mulled wine is necessary.)

geosomin said...

Having mulled wine on the line would help immensly