Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Well...that was unexpected.

The results are in.
The Sask Party won...
I'm very nervous about our future.They have some good ideas, but any party that get's fundraising from a neighbouring province concerns me. They are very probusiness. Ina province with fewer people, and a large native population we have a unique challenge here...and there are no easy answers.
There's a huge push for our province to grow by the business community, and we're small. I don't want to end up a gluttonous overcrowded place where business comes first over people (ie. Calgary). I've beena bit jaded with the strike as of late, and I do hope that it is not a glimmer of the future here. I am one of many average people who have chosen to live here because we love it and like the life we are able to have here. We want things to improve - don't get me wrong. I think it is OK to grow slowly and to use your strengths to isn't everything. Grow too fast and you have serious problems and people become numbers.
I just hope we don't drown...there's a concern about labour relations to the Sask Party...and being on strike at the moment makes me nervous. They've talked of selling off the Crown corporations int he past. That's never gone well in any other province where it has been done.
We'll have to wait and see.
It's obvious people really wanted a change.

Hmmm...and I thought things were pretty good the way they were...but I'm just a pseudohippy striking scientist.


Rimshot said...

What exactly is a pseudohippy? Does that mean you eat granola, but with processed sugar and whole milk?

Reb said...

If you don't already own property, do whatever you have to to buy now! You will wind up with skyrocketing prices and homeless people, just like here in AB. If you can afford it, buy more than one house, be a landlord until you think the prices are as high as they are going, or until you can make enough profit to pay off the one you want to live in. There is talk here that the tar sands extend into northern SK and they are going to open it up.

Brace yourselves.

Arugula Queen said...

They've torn down every last tree in the forested area by my house in the interest of 'change.' Well, not really change since we have shopping centers on every corner now.

I'm a walking contradiction. I like stores convenient to me but I think there needs to be limits and some sort of preservation. At the moment Houston is a clear-cut happy society which makes me unhappy.

There's a mass exodus from this area to a little further north.....where they're cutting the forested areas again to make room for the newcomers. And so the cycle continues.

Magnus said...

Sask Party is just like the BC Liberals and Klein and Harris' Conservatives - frightening. A collection of ra-tag opportunists. Pro-business means anti everybody else, including small businesses. Small business in BC hasn't had any favours in this province under the Liberals. Sask Party means pro-development and corporate wellfare at the expense of your social programmes and infrastructure.

I guess I should say "our" since I plan to move there in the near future. Oh well, they came to hate Grant Devine so why will this be any different.