Warning - rant ahead...

I just have a few things to say to very few people:

When picketing in a province where the cold can freeze your limbs off - WEAR A F*CKING HAT AND GLOVES! I am not your mother with a bag full of warm wrappings to keep you toasty. Yes it's cold - you may notice my winter boots, long johns and thermal hat and gloves - why? Cuz it's damn cold and windy and we'll be here for 4 hours at a time! It's only -6 and it's only gonna get colder. No I can't guarantee if there will be hot coffee for you. No there isn't a tent for shelter and no you can't have an hour off your 4 hour picket shift to have freaking lunch. No you can't bring a lawnchair and blanket and hang out for 4 hours just drinking coffee. Whining is not cool OK?


We are here picketing to protest people. Yes it sucks and yes you must put in 20 hours a week to get paid a very small sum, but I am in this to help it all go smoothly, and because I strongly believe in what we're doing. If you don't want to be here then DON'T. It's a work stoppage, not a lounge session! Noone is making you picket. I know this isn't easy...but we have to band together if this is going to work.

(deep breath)

There. Ah. Better. Sorry about that. I've had a few days of a few winey people really bringing down morale.
Things are slowly coming together and most of the people on the picket line rock hard with disco lighting...but we're gonna be lame protesters if we don't get our act together - whining doesn't inspire respect.
It only takes a few whiners to bring down morale.
We just started people!
Lets get together and shout and yell and make some noise until they hear us and we get a fair comprimise of a deal.

We are the people of the People's University - we deserve some respect.
Rock on.


Pacian said…
"rock hard with disco lighting"

Excuse me?
Rimshot said…
I was going to comment, but Pacian beat me to the question.
geosomin said…
Hmmm...I made that up. What gave it away? :)
Magnus said…
Our society needs to hit rock fucking bottom for anyone to realise that they have lost it all.

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