Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cold and slightly dull

Ah...nothing like 5 and a half hours in -20 (-30 with windchill) to make you tired and thirsty. But I'm fed and tead up now and feel better and much warmer. I have to make up some hours so I'm putting in a bit extra for the rest of the week...and it's only an extra hour but it seems to go on and on forever. I hope this is done soon...I don't know how safe it'll be to picket on some of the truly awful cold days that haven't arrived yet.
Tomorrow, to amuse ourselves, our picket team is making soup over the fire barrel. Someone has a big pot and we're all bringing some veggies spices and meat, and it'll go an cook for a few hours and then we'll have some tasty beef veggie soup about 2 oclock. Seemed like a good idea at the soup on a day that looks like it'll be -25 plus wind seemed like a good idea.
My cat really loves me at the's hard to type with all th epurry ruuubiness. Very cute...
Other than that...meh. J is on nights. I miss him.
BUT I must get to that data....the faster I'm done the faster I can get paid!
Later guys...