Same bat time, same bat channel

So I've had a sleep in and some french toast and a good snuggle and I'm feeling much better about it all. It was all a bit much for a bit. A shock to the system. As strike captain I've been busy the past few days and the weekend has been a pleasant break.
And tonight I can distract myself a bit.

We're having a bit of a belated birthday bonfire across the lake. It was so much fun last year, we thought we'd do it agin...tho on much shorter notice ( 5 or 6 hours...). Hopefully a few friends, some pumpkin cookies (made today by yours truly), hot chocolate and marshmallows and maybe a bat or two. I might make a tissue paper candle lanterns to take along too.
For the lame directions that I left last year that actually got our friend Lisa lost and wandering around by the psychiatric prison go

But don't let that stop you.
We're nice people really.
And Lisa is fine too.

I'm looking forward to it. There's something soothing about staring at the fire...this year it'll be made from firewood actually cut down and split by my loving J. It'll burn brighter and better I'm sure for that and many reasons.
If anyone wants to come, we're heading over around 7:30ish and will be there till the embers fade and we get cold enough to head back. Dress warm and come have a sit by the'll be groovy.
And I mean that in the coolest sense possible.


Diddums said…
Just watch out for the sparks - you come away with little black holes in your clothes. :-).
grapecat said…
sounds lovely - wish we could come. We just finished eating french toast too (or eggy bread as they call it here) - but we're a day ahead of you. Hope you're having a good fire :)

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