You can lead a Geo to a shopping cart but you can't make her cool

My friend Trent was up to visit a while back.
He is a fantastic photographer, and always has his camera with him.
In August, he had a personal quest of taking a portrait a day. So, he pulled me about in a shopping cart during a trip to the 7-11 and then shot a few of Magnus under a streetlight and back at the house as well. The ones of Magnus turned out rather swanky, and were Trents choice for the portrait of the day. He posted the others of him too...but none of me *sniff*. They didn't turn out how he'd pictured them. BUT, but after much whinging/prodding Trent posted one of the ones he took of me...I just wanted to hee.

It was a bit of fun at a hard time...a nice memory. Haven't been in a shopping cart in years...figured I should have a memorial of it.
I'm still not as cool as Magnus tho...altho my chair is's in his portrait. Maybe if I sit in it for a bit the coolness will wear off...

Check out Trent's work. Here's his website...and his Flickr.


MaCanuck said…
I was *going* to do something a little bit more interesting back at your place (what with that lighting and all...) but then you decided to go and talk on the phone for three hours, thinking something like a husband was more important than a photo.

I was thinking doing something on the theme of Crazy Cat Lady, time or something.

And I think I took five pictures total of you, three in the cart. One is a blur, one is blurry, and one you see. The other two were just to get light balanced....
Anonymous said…
Sure... :)

I'm glad one of them turned out. I was really curious. Sorry I took off there for the night...but believe me. It was important.

I promise next time you come visit I'll be more sociable.
And a crazy cat lady phot would indeed fit... :)
the Bag Lady said…
You are too cute in that shopping cart!
Anonymous said…
All these links to Magnus and other people who know you... now I'm feeling all intimidated! (Curls up in a ball).

PS I love trolleys - they are ALL cool. A world full of hassle to anyone who's ever shoved them in a river or a pond.

PPS Geos are cool too. :-)

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