A few too many

I really prefer it when people overestimate things. It makes it more pleasant to do less than you thought, and you get finished early.
The alternative...my day. What was described as a "few" samples to sort, log and divide up was described as ~40. "OK, not too bad" I thought. When I arrived, it turned out to be only 38, BUT with 5 samples each from those 38, so ACTUALLY 190. And, oh, each has to be divided into 4. And labelled. And no rush, but they're needed tomorrow. And did I mention that one set of the 190 are in duplicate?
Sooooooo, in the end, only, oh, 950 odd tubes to label...no biggie. Certainly only a "few" wouldn't you say?
Good times.

I want a king hat so I can demand absurdities form people while not letting them know what they've agreed to until it is too late.
This is the same gob I wanted to tell off about a month ago.
A real charmer that one.
Off to tubetown for me...just had to vent a bit.


Anonymous said…
I'm tired of folk like that too. :-(
Pacian said…
I demand that you make such a hat by gluing together lots of little bits of sparkly paper.

First you must cut up a big bit of sparkly paper.

And before that you must make some regular paper sparkly.

It must be done in this order.
Geosomin said…
Yes sir.
Right away sir.

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