Genetic alignment BLAST tools...I haz dem


As of now I FINALLY have the tools I need in my lab to align some patient genetic mutations with a published sequence and screen for differences in correlate with treatment data. To complete work I've been trying to do for months but not had the proper software available to me (cause it costs money...ahem).

And NOW I don't have to book a lab resource through grovelling in another department on weekend evenings...and it works on my mac laptop too should I ever get the silly notion to do work at home.
And it's free!

Bloody f*cking brilliant.
Thank god for brilliant grad students with bioinformatics training. I found someone who knew how to do what I want to do and has helped me just because she is a nice person who wants to help quality resaerch being done. No ego. No posturing - just sincere kind assistance to a friend.

Monique, you are a goddess.

Oh yes my pretties. What we will do with this...muahahahah!


the Bag Lady said…
Garsh, that sounds loverly! (most of it went completely over the Bag Lady's poor little head, but if you're happy, she's happy for you!)

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