This week has one too many days in it I think. I am drained. Not tired...just drained. I'm glad tomorrow is a day off from everything. I can't wait.

On the other hand, my new washer and Dryer and dishwasher come very soon. Maybe today...or at the latest tomorrow.
Mee hee.
I have to wait until my Dad comes in October to hook them all up to use them, but still. Appliances that actually work with out kicking assistance or sounding like there is heavy construction going on in the house! A dishwasher that will close without cursing and using a screwdriver! A dryer that has a door handle!



Magnus said…
You can lavish my Dad with gifts if and/or when he arrives in late October/November/early December.
grapecat said…
ah sugar - I know. I'm lucky - it's friday night here already :) hang in there - i see your future - it says "weekend"!
the Bag Lady said…
New appliances?! Woohoo!!!
Do you have a white dress?
(you surely must know that old, old, old joke.... why a woman wears a white dress? So the dishwasher matches the fridge and stove....)

Enjoy your weekend!

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