Friday, September 19, 2008

No Heroics please

I ran across this show. It reminds me of the Tick and the live action show they put out of it a while back. I'm in the middle of a Venture Brothers stint at the moment, so cheesy supervillains and superheroes in an average world are just the thing to make me smirk right now...I'd like to check this show out. Hopefully it'll come over here relatively soon...or at least be on region 1 DVD eventually.

Wish it would come to us over here...I mean we just get the new season of Doctor Who today for gods sake. I'm willing to vote out the conservative party just to get the arts funding restored so we can have better scifi back on the CBC and Space channel...well OK I suppose other artforms could use some cash too, but seriously. We geeks pay our taxes too. What's in it for us? :)


grapecat said...

ha ha ha - love the cartoon- you are going to hell, you realise this, right?!!! :)

The show looks good too - here's one review I read on -
"Anyway, it’s funnier than a comedy show about bloody superheroes has any right to be. It could have been more full-on and less traditional in places, but, you know, it’s ITV, it’s a fucking miracle it got on the air at all. Full points to creator/writer Drew Pearce for coming up with something that should translate to a general audience because it’s black humour first and everything else second.

Also, it features a doorman whose superpower is summoning monkeys. Beat that."

We don't actually have a tv anymore, but thanks to BBC's iplayer and some sites which shall remain unnamed it doesn't really matter. I'll have to check it out.

Pacian said...

Wait, you want Doctor Who so you can have better sci fi?

Granted, I've never seen any Canadian SF (excluding, you know, James Cameron), and maybe there's a good reason for that.

Corey said...

Nice find Geo. Love those freakin' Brits. That looks funny as fuckin' 'ell.

grapecat said...

I have now seen the first episode, and it is good.
you'll like it. The woman who talks to machines is especially fantastic

Geosomin said...

There's a comibc book series I was tricked into enjoying by Magnus called Ex Machina...the hero of the book can talk to machines. And after spending time as The Great Machine he decides he can do more good helping people in politics as a "real person" and runs for/becomes the Mayor of New York. It's really interesting...has a lot of social commentary. The girl who talks to machines made me think of it...makes me even more interested in the show now...

I hope I get to see it. The more I hear about it (especially the power to summon monkeys) the more I want to see it...

And Pacian - I'm not claiming Doctor Who is good. I just have a soft spot for it...and happen to be married to an obsessive Who fan.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I just left a comment on Pete's (Quacks of Life) post on Lost in Austen... don't know if you've seen that show yet, but if you're likely to get it, and don't want it spoiled, don't read Pete's post. :-)

Anyway, Lost in Austen reminded me of Doctor Who, only much, much worse.