A meme for a frosty morning

I’m a busy girl, and it's chilly, so to not feel like I’m neglecting the webospere (blogoworld?), here’s a little meme I’m far overdue for:

Current clothes: My “Save the Woolly Mammoth” tshirt, black specs, jeans, running shoes and black socks. My underwear colour is none of your concern.

Current mood: Tired. I’m psyching myself up for working for 2 weeks and volunteering at the pledge drive in the evenings for 2 weeks. It makes me tired just thinking about it…

Current music: Thievery Corporation: Sounds from the Thievery Hi Fi. A nice mellow reggae influenced album to get some work (ahem) done to

Current annoyance: Not enough time. There’s a lot in life I need to focus on that is far more important than all this work crap…oh for the time. I volunteered, so it’s my own fault, but I’m starting to wish I could put up a flag and just sit at home and read for a while.

Current thing: Trying to appreciate all the little things in every day life that I used to take for granted.

Current desktop picture: A fractal by Diddums

Current book: I’m in the middle of the Time Traveller’s Wife. FANTASTIC book..

Current song in head: 2001: A spliff odyssey, Thievery Corporation (it’s playing at the moment).

Current DVD in player: Disc one of Season one of the Venture Brothers. I borrowed season 2 from a friend and we got hooked, so we had to pick up Season 1. We’ve been watching an episode at night to unwind…

Current refreshment: Just finished some cheap coffee. Stop! Jittertime!!

Current worry: How do you deal with problems and still live life, when life is part of the problem…how do you make enough time for everything?

Current thought: I’ve gotta get to work…


the Bag Lady said…
My current thought is much the same as yours! I really need to get off my ever-expanding ass and do some stuff around here.....
Missicat said…
Wish I had time for a current thought! :-)
I have wanted to read The Time Traveller's Wife for a while now...may pick it up at the library.
Anonymous said…
"Current desktop picture: A fractal by Diddums"


(Trots off happily).

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