Breakfast of champions

My new favourite breakfast is a banana strawberry/peach smoothie, with some soy milk...and a dash of honey and flax. I had that this morning after running (finally trying to be good and exercise again) and I'll be damned if it wasn't the best breakfast I've had in ages.

Running makes for happy endorphins. It's been so long I'd's still nice out in the'll take a while to get back to my former speed, but I like what running does for me both physically and mentally. It's good to challenge yourself. It is good to spend time in your head outdoors, listening to the Chemical brothers watching the sun come up over the river.


Pacian said…
How did you discover that was your favourite breakfast? Did you accidentally drive a blender into a grocery store?
Geosomin said…
This caterpillar showed up while I was sitting on my giant mushroom minding my own business and offered me one.
It said "drink me" on it.
So I did.
Unfortunately now I've shrunk down to the size where I have to hop from key to key on my keyboard to type this.

Won't someone please come help me off my desk?
I'm getting nervous at how the cats are eying me up...oh crap here they co

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