I heart community radio

Well it is our annual pledge drive for the community station again. I'm volunteering every evening for 2 weeks to keep the drive running....we are in a new location now and it is so much nicer - windows, a fridge, a microwave. Wo hoo. We've moved up in the world. And there's honestly nothing like community radio.
Right now, it's Greg's show, There Goes That Song Again. He plays old music from the 20s 30s and 40s. He just had a trivia contest of sorts: he plays tunes on the kazoo to see if anyone could guess the tune...and if noone can he plays until someone calls in and donates to make him stop :) Next is one of my Favourite shows Play. HE plays old radio dramas from the 40s and 50s...the Shadow and stuff like that. My grandpa had tonnes of old radio programmes on vinyl and I have many memories of listening to them curled up in the easy chair in his trailer with the headphones on when I was little.
I love community radio. We broadcast in over 20 languages, play music of all genres and give open word access to a lot of community groups. All our hosts are volunteers and there are only 4 highly underpaid staff to keep the place running. I hear music I like on CFCR. Unfortunately like all public broadcasting we don't make much from advertising, so we have to grovel for cash once a year to stay on the air...and every year the people who appreciate us donate and keep us going. And that is what FMPhasis is: our annual fundraiser.
This year our motto is "Keeping it Up". We've moved to a new location and we're hoping to get bigger and better, and continue to be a great service to the community.
If you want to hear us, go here. There is a link to listen to us on-line on the website...check us out. In October we'll be back to normal, playing great stuff. Check CFCR out.
You could even...you know, donate. (to J's show, the Afternoon Buzz on friday?? plug plug)
It's good for the soul...


the Bag Lady said…
Good for you for volunteering.

I'm off and running (again!) today, but will try to give a listen later on.....

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