Monday, September 15, 2008

Mellow Yellow

I had a very mellow to be a normal person in a normal house doing normal things.
I loved it. Every damn minute.

I can't say just how much my attitude towards my daily life has changed as of late. Having your entire life fall apart has a way of putting things in perspective when you are blessed with the gift of being to put it all back together again (Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. Better...stronger...faster...). I am so grateful for the little things I am gifted with in life:
-snuggling in a bed with clean sheets
-watching J sleep in the moonlight spilling in the window
-making elaborate breakfasts for 2 on a lazy sunday (apple crepes...yum)
-long walks in the woods
-grumbling as we work together to make our home better (the new lights are up in the living room! AND they all work!)
-looking up from a book and cup of coffee to see J looking at me over his book...and smiling

So yeah...there's so much yet to do, and life is not perfect. There is still a lot to come and do, but I have my life back. It is here, and I can live it. I know it sounds annoyingly cliche, but every day is a gift...and right now I feel like I'm opening it like a 5 year old on christmas morning every damn day!



Peter T Chattaway said...


the Bag Lady said...

Smiling through my tears!!!!!!!!!
I'm so glad for you!

Pacian said...

Glad things are getting better.

(Yellow is my favourite colour.)